Is Renting Your Next Booth The Right Move?

All said, renting generally costs less than purchasing a new booth if you're not attending more than 3 shows per year. A rental allows for custom design at each new show as well as flexibility when it comes to fitting your trade show space. In the end, one isn't better than the other- it's just a matter of which is better for your organization, your trade show goals and your budget.

A few things to consider...

Booth Rental

Booth Purchase

General Cost Per Square Foot

~$50 per square foot

~$80-$100 per square foot

Does not require on site storage space.

No maintenance. Fresh booth every event.

Customized design flexibility for each show and its specific needs.

Lower hardware costs and lighter modular materials.

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& Flexibility

If seasonality or show audience requires an update with new offers or products to your booth or exhibit, a rental is a great option to scale and pivot at a fraction of the cost.

Graphics on 

The Go

Trends and offerings move fast. A rental gives the ability to change or update graphics and content without the need to retool or repurchase your entire exhibit.

All of the Impact. None of the Upkeep.

Tradeshow booth rentals from Blitz can be a great way stay on top of design trends and technology if you're attending 3 or less trade shows per year. Rental: (with graphics which are purchased): $50/ sq ft2nd rental of same design using existing graphics $ 35 -40/ sq ft

Double Decker Booths
Island Booths


Also known as a two-story exhibit, the booth is a multi-level structure used for trade shows and exhibitions.


Free-standing trade show exhibit that's open to aisles on all four sides, typically 20 ft x 20 ft or larger.


A linear booth is a booth space that runs in a straight line with other booths, sharing two sides with each neighboring booth.


A peninsula booth is open to aisles on three sides and shares a back wall with another booth and are often located at the end of an aisle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does price include set up and tear down?

Pricing does not include set up/tear down. If you'd like to have set up and tear down services, we work with partners who can help you with all your set up, tear down and repacking. If you're interested, we're happy to include these quotes as we explore your booth options.

Does Blitz include shipping?

Our partners provide shipping to and from the show and will bill you directly. We can include a quote for you in a a byline of our proposal.

How long does it take to get a trade show display?

We'll always push to meet client timelines as timelines can vary based on the size, level of customization, complexity and type of display. A good rule of thumb is to give several months for a smooth process for larger booths and 30-ish days (give or take) for smaller 10 x 10 sizes. In the end, if you're on a crunched timeline, you may still have options- contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Do booths include flooring?

We don't typically provide flooring but can offer the option if needed. Overall, Show Vendors offer a more streamlined, on site option and generally include labor in the flooring costs.

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