Tricks of the Trade: Say "GoodBye" And Maximize Tradeshow Impact With Your Brochure Conversation

Tricks of the Trade: Say "GoodBye" And Maximize Tradeshow Impact With Your Brochure Conversation

Brochures. Everyone's got 'em. BUT... these "dime a dozen" informational handouts can be a potent tool for steering conversations and securing valuable leads. Consider leveraging your brochures as a dual-functioning element in your tradeshow arsenal.

Here's How:

1. Close That Dead-End Convo with a Paper "Goodbye": Your tradeshow brochure is more than a collection of details; it's a conversation streamliner. When engaging with individuals who may not align with your target audience or present limited opportunities, the brochure becomes your graceful exit. Politely hand it over, encouraging your contact to review it at their convenience and reach out if further discussions align with their interests. This tactic ensures you don't overlook potential sales opportunities and lets you efficiently manage fruitless interactions.

2. Create A Meaningful "Goodbye" With Prospects : On the flip side, when a conversation is meaningful and promises potential, your brochure becomes a tangible goodbye. This is your chance to elevate the significance of your engagement. Offering the brochure at the end of a positive conversation not only provides a professional closure but also ensures that your contact information is in their hands, provides a visual reminder of your intention to soon follow-up via a call, visit or email. "Here's our brochure. It's got my contact and I'll be in touch soon."

Fine Tune Your Brochure:

1. Contact Consolidation: The brochure serves as a compact repository of essential information, consolidating your contact details, key offerings, and brand identity. For those who receive your brochure, whether as a conversation-concluding gesture or a parting gift after a fruitful discussion, it becomes a tangible reminder post-event. This tangible connection can spark follow-up calls or emails, ensuring that potential leads remain engaged and connected with your brand beyond the tradeshow floor.

2. Strategic Branding: Beyond its informational role, your tradeshow brochure is a strategic branding tool. By incorporating visually appealing designs, impactful content, and a professional layout, it reinforces your brand's image. Whether it's the last impression for those handed the brochure early on or a parting gift for engaged prospects, the brochure solidifies your brand identity in the minds of potential clients.

Your tradeshow brochure is a versatile asset that goes beyond providing information – whether shortening conversations to focus on high-value leads or serving as a meaningful goodbye after a promising discussion, the brochure's role is pivotal in maximizing your tradeshow impact to help ensure lasting connections with potential tradeshow clients.