Table Covers: Easy, Adaptable and Must-Have

Table Covers: Easy, Adaptable and Must-Have

Is there anything more boring than a "tablecloth"? Heck yes there is- and that's why we're here to give the tablecloth/table cover some much deserved hype. After all, in any in-person event, an underrated key to attracting customers and driving sales lies in a carefully chosen custom table cover. As show visitors pass or step into your booth, their initial impression is often shaped by your trade show table. Elevating the allure of your space requires the use of a table cover adorned with brand-centric designs and attention grabbing "pop". In this guide, we explore the top-tier custom-printed table covers that promise to enhance foot traffic and elevate your event presence.

Why Businesses Benefit from Custom Table Covers

Investing in custom-printed table covers for your next event is essential for infusing a professional and polished look. At events, your company's offerings remain a mystery until attendees are enticed to explore your display. A clean and attractive table throw not only intrigues passersby but also sets the stage for meaningful interactions.

Advantages of Custom Table Covers

Professional Aesthetics: Opting for a custom table cover enhances the overall professional appearance of your display. The attention to detail in utilizing a tablecloth signals your commitment to the booth's visual appeal, capturing customer interest.

Effortless Booth Enhancement: Sprucing up your trade fair booth doesn't require extensive effort; a well-chosen tablecloth can achieve impressive visual effects effortlessly, leaving onlookers curious about your design prowess.

Distinctive Branding: A trade show tablecloth ensures your materials stand out, providing a canvas for eye-catching designs that captivate the audience. Avoid masking attention-grabbing designs with mundane tabletops, showcasing your products with pride.

Ease of Transportation: Custom table coverings offer unparalleled ease of transportation compared to alternative options. The fabric can be conveniently folded into compact spaces without wrinkling, facilitating seamless transport to events.

Top 5 Custom Table Covers You Need to Explore

1. Fitted Table Cover: Crafted to fit snugly over your trade show table, these covers provide a polished and cohesive appearance. Constructed from wrinkle-resistant materials like polyester or PVC, they offer a simple yet elegant look for your exhibit.

2. Back Lit Stretch Table Cover: If you're looking to make an impression, this is it. Featuring a spandex construction, stretch table covers present a modern and sleek appearance. Easy to assemble and personalize with your company's logo, they cater to businesses aiming for a contemporary trade fair exhibit.

3. Throw Tablecloths: Tried and true, the classic table throw encompassies the entire front of the table and can make a powerful statement. Imprinted with your business name and logo, they conceal table legs and skirts, offering a comprehensive branding solution.

4. Custom Table Runners: Long, slender fabric strips known as table runners add a decorative touch to your table setting. Available in various materials and sizes, they not only enhance aesthetics but also serve as a protective layer for the table surface.

Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Printed Table Covers

  1. Logo Placement: Ensure your logo is prominently displayed on the front, left, and right sides of your tablecloth for maximum visibility and impact.

  2. Business Name Clarity: Emphasize both your business name and brand logo, employing clear and bold typography for optimal brand recognition.

  3. Color Harmony: Choose a backdrop color for your tablecloth that complements, rather than conceals, your logo. Consistency in color ensures a cohesive brand presence.

  4. Brand Consistency: Uphold brand consistency by using the same color palette across advertising materials, signage, and the event setup. A unified visual identity enhances brand recognition among a broader audience.

In conclusion, selecting the right custom table cover is a pivotal aspect of creating a polished and put together impression at any event. The careful consideration of design, material, and branding elements is a great first step in standing out.