Backlit Displays on a Budget: Backlit vs. Edge Lit Displays

Backlit Displays on a Budget: Backlit vs. Edge Lit Displays

In the realm of modern displays, two lighting technologies reign supreme: edge-lit and backlit. While they often get lumped together under the umbrella term of "backlit," understanding their differences is key to making informed display choices.

Let's Shed Some Light on Edge Lit Displays

Edge Lit technology is a clever lighting setup where LEDs line the edges of the display panel, casting light towards the center. These LEDs are strategically placed in a pattern along the display's periphery, a configuration that can vary depending on the manufacturer and the display's size.

Edge Lit displays come with a host of advantages, chief among them being their affordability. By using fewer LEDs and consuming less electricity, they offer a cost-effective solution for display lighting needs.

Cost: Less expensive
Light Source: LED lights placed along the edges of the display
Light Direction: Light is directed towards the centre of the display
Light Uniformity: May have issues with uniformity of brightness and contrast.
Light Distribution: Light is directed towards the center.

Now, Enter the World of Backlit Displays

Contrastingly, backlit displays feature LEDs positioned within the display itself, emitting light directly towards the viewer. This setup ensures an even spread of light across the entire display surface.

Typically arranged in a ladder-like pattern within the display, these LEDs work harmoniously to ensure uniform distribution of light, thereby enhancing contrast and brightness. This uniformity in light dispersion sets backlit displays apart, offering superior image quality compared to their edge-lit counterparts.

Backlit displays boast several advantages over their edge-lit counterparts. The positioning of LEDs behind the graphic ensures more consistent brightness, resulting in enhanced contrast and overall image quality. 

Cost: More expensive
Light Source: Ladders of LED lights placed directly behind the graphic
Light Direction: Light shines directly onto the display graphic and spreads evenly across the display.
Light Uniformity: Provides more uniform brightness.
Light Distribution: Light is evenly distributed.

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to choosing between edge-lit and backlit displays, understanding their nuances is crucial. Edge-lit displays, with their cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, are ideal for budget-conscious consumers. On the other hand, backlit displays shine bright with their superior light dispersion uniformity and enhanced image quality, making them a preferred choice for those prioritizing visual excellence.

Whether you opt for the budget-friendly edge-lit displays or splurge on the visually stunning backlit ones, knowing the difference ensures you illuminate your world with displays that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.